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Cleaning Gravestones with Bio-Shield®

How To Clean Marble, Granite and Concrete Gravestones with Bio-Shield®

Gravestones are frequently discoloured by algae, and lichens and the often remote locations can make cleaning difficult.

A single application of Bio-Shield to the gravestone will kill and remove the algae and lichens - No wash down or scrubbing is required.

If the gravestones are treated with Bio-Shield every 12 months on your anniversary visits, they will stay clean and protected from regrowth.

      Cleaning Marble Gravestone with Bio-Shield - before         Marble Gravstone After Bio-Shield

                      icon check-983 Easy spray-on application - 1 coat is enough.

icon check-983 No Water Blasting or Scrubbing

                                   icon check-983 Bio-Shield® protects from algae and lichen regrowth

    RSA Partner with Bio-Shield

Returned Services Association - National War Graves Restoration Project
Bio-Shield is proud to be supporting the Remembrance Army and the National War Graves Restoration Project.

The goal of the Remembrance Army is that every service grave in New Zealand is restored to the same as their comrades overseas, maintained to the same standards or better as the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

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Grave Restoration Guide
For expert tips on grave restoration d
ownload: /site/bioshield/images/Gravestones/Restoration_Guide_Final(1).pdf

Why choose Bio-Shield® for your DIY Gravestone Cleaning.
Bio-Shield® has been developed through 35 years of use in a demanding commercial environment so it works extremely well.
Bio-Shield® is a high quality product, and contains no bleach, acids or phosphates, so it will not damage the gravestone.
The high concentration of active ingredients in Bio-Shield® when compared to other outdoor cleaners means it will cost less per diluted litre and cover more area at a lower cost.

I have used your product for removing lichen and moss from headstones and it works brilliantly. Recommend all monumental masons use your product.
Ian - Maiden Stone Ltd. March 2018

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Bio-Shield Mixing Ratios
Clean Water Bio-Shield Concentrate Diluted Bio-Shield
1 Litre 50 ml 1.05 Litres
 10 Litres 500 ml 10.5 Litres
15 Litres 750 ml 15.75 Litres
20 Litres 1 Litre 21 Litres


Application is best done on an overcast day at any time of the year, or early morning and late afternoon in summer if a warm sunny day is forecast. This slows evaporation and speeds the treatment process.

Fill your sprayer with the premixed Bio-Shield® solution and pump it up to pressure.
Begin application to the surface in slow, even strokes ensuring saturation.
Aim for the surface to stay wet for 5 to 10 minutes after application.

If you have achieved correct coverage the runoff should have an orange-brown colour - this is a good sign and indicates that the Bio-Shield® has penetrated the cell walls of the fungal growths and that their death is unavoidable.

The treated surface may clean up over the next few months providing it is exposed to rainfall; however it would not be unusual for a  very dirty surface to take up to 12 months to fully clean up.
The more rain the surface receives, the faster it will clean up.
It is best to reapply Bio-Shield® at the first signs of re-growth. Typically this will be every 1 to 2 years.

Once the surface is clean Bio-Shield® will give optimal results with regular removal treatments.  This will prevent the build up of moss, fungal and lichen growths.
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Bio-Shield is a New Zealand owned company based in Auckland.
I have personally developed and used Bio-Shield for over 35 years to successfully remove moss, algae and lichen from just about every exterior surface on domestic, commercial and industrial properties. 
The same high quality product is now available for DIY and commercial use on homes and businesses throughout New Zealand.
We are committed to supplying our customers the best outdoor cleaning product and services at the best price, complimented with the best technical advice in New Zealand.

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